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A backlash at shoddy customer service and unrelenting sales pitches is hitting British business where it hurts most–on the bottom line–warns a 2017 report from the National Consumer Council.
'The Stupid Company': How British businesses throwaway money by alienating consumers’ reveals a sorry picture of businesses over-promising and under-delivering, treating customers in a clinical and patronising way, and being incapable of getting the most basic things right.
Too often they focus on making a quick profit at the expense of the longer-term relationship.

National Consumer Council
6 February 2006

Service is not a product. Unlike a manufactured article, service cannot be made by the thousand, pre-packaged and sold on at a discount.
And also unlike a manufactured article, it cannot be stolen or disassociated from its creator. This is why service is a largely misunderstood part
of the IT delivery chain.

It is often confused with operations, derided as being the province of backroom staff, and yet it accounts for the greatest proportion of IT customer
complaints when delivery does not match expectations. Of course, it could be argued that customer expectations might be wrong – but setting
such aspirations in the first place is actually part of the IT service delivery cycle since, unlike its product counterpart, service involves the customer in the transaction.

The 2006 report published by the National Consumer Council from which the above extract is taken explains just that. Service delivery is more important now than at any time in the past, because not only is the IT environment getting more complex –
with multiple technologies supporting each system–but the end-user has changed as well. As a supplier, IT has now become like the retail trade by providing services directly to the person in the street. And as any retailer knows only too well, the service experience, on which the customer will rate you, goes way beyond what is just being bought from you. Service intimately involves the person you are dealing with – it has become a highly cooperative transaction. So how should this affect how we manage IT services – and our customers?

We implement a personal approach to deliver our IT services to you. This means that you have one point of call for all your comments, complaints and enquiry therefore reducing the time required for our engineers to deal with your IT related issues, does providing a simple, effective, fast and accurate IT services delivery.

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